Journey Till My First Group Regression

Since last year I have been thinking about holding group regressions. I had even set up a meetup group on, but it was cancelled for some reason. Finally, I had my first group regression yesterday, 18-Nov-17 on new moon day.

About myself, I have known myself having serious discomfort for public speaking. Even speaking in a medium to large groups would make me nervous. Reasons could be anything from saying something wrong in foreign language to being ridiculed speaking foreign language not in a perfect way, and have concerns that my voice is not sounding adult enough. Because it had happened in the past and I knew the feeling and just wanted to avoid going through that over again.

About a decade ago, I joined a toastmaster’s group to work on my public speaking skills, to overcome the fears I have had. It was to help me in my professional development. And it did help. I can now speak in a large group loudly and clearly.

In September 17, I received theta healing from beautiful Radha. I was looking for healing for my tooth problem. This resulted in intense healing work on my throat chakra, so intense that I feel that I am still processing it. For me, throat chakra was about speaking our truth. I believed that I had no problems speaking my truth, much thanks to my Buddhist upbringing. So what healing was needed for my throat chakra? Throat chakra is not just speaking the truth, essentially, it simply is about speaking out, about being able to speak out.

I think this was the most needed but much neglected healing work on me. I am so grateful for Radha for doing just that.

I believe that this healing opened me up for self-expression.

Maybe the universe thought that I was now ready for taking up more of the work that I signed up for this life time, it sent another soul for my aid.

I met Cheryl through another beautiful soul Ahmed. Cheryl not only offered me to use her office space but also offered to arrange for meetup group for group regressions. She has her own meetup on

First attempt of conducting a group regression did not materialize. I was not discouraged by it. It is in fact theme of my journey as a QHHT practitioner. First two attempts of making payments for online QHHT course had failed. After taking a few more days, third time, I had to call the office to make payment on phone. The universe gives me a moment or two to think over before starting a new journey.

I am sure I am on my path.

Much love and thanks!

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