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Remote Spirit Release

Healing the wounded spirit - Dr. Terence Palmer PhD

Remote Spirit Release is spirit releasement done remotely through mediumship. It is done by the team of facilitator, medium and medium's highly trained spirit guide. I am trained in person and and certified by Dr. Terence Palmer and act as facilitator when working with a medium and also medium channeling my spirit guide either Ying or Raymond. This procedure is essentially for 'cleaning the spiritual wounds' of human being. It is performed using 12 point protocol. The obvious signs of spiritually un-well person or energetic infringement in person are:

  • Hearing voices

  • Feeling, seeing, sensing presence

  • General feeling of despair, low mood, sadness, fear, anxiety

  • Having black eyes(Iris color is black)

  • Having out-of-character behavior

  • Fatigue, lack of energy

  • Inadvertently using phrases such as 'part of me', 'something inside me'

  • Not feeling present, feeling missing of time

  • Negative self talk

The spiritual issues are caused due to energy imbalance:

  • Malevolent, destructive spirits who are aware of light but choose to be negatively polarized. They are called 'Dark Force Entities' (DFE)s in RSR and graded as Level 1, 2 and 3 from being mischievous(Level 1), to dangerous, mostly interdimensional beings (Level 2), to extremely dangerous like devils or demons(Level 3).

  • Energy body not in alignment with physical body. This is corrected by fixing person's grounding and clearing and balancing of energy centers(chakras)

  • Interdimensional portal opened to interdimensional parasites, spirit bugs. Portals are openings to spirit world. 

  • Earthbound spirits, the human spirits that did not return to light after death and are still in earth plane.

    • Loved ones who would generally leave message before parting the host

    • The lost souls join the host with sympathetic resonance

    • Earth bounds captured by dark forces to impact the host negatively 

  • Pas life contracts, bloodline contracts

  • Negative energetic cords, ill will, curses, hexes, black magic etc.

Other issues resulting into spiritual wounds:

  • Own creative thoughts, negative in nature like self sabotaging or self harming

  • Splitting of spirit energy in trauma situation (Dissociated sub personality)

The spiritual health check is also advised as routine maintenance work on energy body.

It can be requested for self, or for others like family members or friends. The person who is being checked does not have to know that the check is being ordered.

If you are considering having Quantum Healing(QH) session done, the RSR session prior to QH session is highly recommended.


As the name suggest, it is done remotely by medium's spirit guides. The client is not present when the procedure is carried out. Every RSR health check is done by the team of three - facilitator, medium and medium's guide. As noted earlier, we follow standard 12 point protocol set by Dr. Palmer, Andy Porter (medium that Dr. Palmer works primarily with), and Chen (Andy's guide) to clear the person of any negative infringements e.g. earthbound spirits, dark force entities, inter-dimensional parasites, negative thought forms, dissociated sub-personalities, past life contracts, curses. The result of it is returning spiritual sovereignty to client.

Medium's guides clear inner and outer etheric fields and optimally open, balance and energize chakras, close and seal any portals in energy body, person's residence and workplace. Guides advise client's point of vulnerability and give the words of wisdom. The advice is also sought from person's Higher Self.


For spiritual health check, all we need is name, age, gender and location of person who is being checked. The requestor will receive a written report and audio recording after the work is completed. Most times, one RSR is sufficient for clearing spiritual influences on person's beingness and the results is noticed immediately.

Please fill out form for each (RSR) Spiritual Health Check requested and email me for paypal details. I will schedule your RSR which is typically within 2 days with one of our mediums and inform you about the same. If for any reason the contact form does not return Thank you message, please use 'Book an Appointment' button on top right corner of this page to contact me. 

The Spiritual Health Check is for $150. Please know that the cost is split between facilitator and medium.
-contact me directly if you need to use a different payment method and if fund is an issue or you want friends and family discount~

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