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Keeper of Tree of Life

In a relaxed state, Vanessa describes a tree, like a large willow tree, pink leaves and purple roots. She calls it a tree of life. She finds herself as a keeper of this particular tree of life. In this session, we see the tree from the eyes of this being.

(K - Karuna, the practitioner)

But the leaves are pink. It’s like they are feathery, feathery leaves. And they are very wispy. They are blowing. And when they blow, it looks like the air around is vibrating.

K: How do you feel there?

I feel rejuvenated. I feel excited.

K: You feel excited. Tell me more.

There is a door, inside the tree.

K: There is a door?

At the base. You walk around, there is a smaller door. It is almost too small for me to fit.

K: Do you have a sense that this tree is having any emotions toward you?

The tree is like a tree of life. It’s like tree of all living things. So, it doesn’t have one specific emotion. It feels everything. It feels a lot of joy right now.

K: You feel joy?


K: How do you sense this tree, how do you sense its emotions?

Well, I am at the base of it. And I am just touching the tree. Both my hands on it. And I want to go into the door. But I feel like that it hasn’t quite invited me yet to go into the door.

K: Where is the door?

It is at the base.

K: Can you tell me more about this door? describe it for me.

It is rounded. It’s very subtle. It looks like darker wood. There is windows. There is a small window. There is a door knob. But it looks like, if you don’t look very carefully you can just overlook it completely. And it's also a little darker down here. So, you can just think that the light is playing tricks on your eyes. Because There are so many different like colors. It feels like the tree is almost like inviting you to.., it wants you to question. It doesn’t want you to take things for what you see. It wants you to actually test it out and try.

K: Tell me more about this tree of life.

Its roots grow very deep into earth. It’s not on earth. Its connected to earth but it’s not on earth. But its roots go through many different dimensions. And it reaches our earth. It is responsible for our ability to connect to our sense of grandness, and spirituality. And its leaves are like antennas. Each leaf, each branch is like sensing all different galaxies everywhere and al the stars and it knows everything. But it is hidden and protected for some reason.

K: You said it is not on the earth. How does it connect to the earth?

With the roots and the branches. As the tree grows. The tree is not really a tree. It doesn’t have a physical form. It’s not like our body the way that we can sense it. But it is more like an energetic tree. It appears to me as tree but it could be seen in other ways to other people. But it stretches. As it grows it stretches and reaches into other. The more it grows, grows out. It’s like, it is omni present. So, its growing in all sort of direction. And It like fills things up. There is no way to basically constrict it. Its very. Its will is to just grow.

K: Tell us about yourself. Do you have a physical body?

It is hard to sense if I have a physical body.

K: So you see this tree of life from which perspective?

I see it. I have two eyes and I have two hands. But after that I don’t have a sense of whether I have a lower body if that makes sense. But I am not injured or impaired in any type of way.

K: Now, who are you?

I am a keeper.

K: Can you tell me more about that role please?

I am here to watch the tree. I am here to take care of its growth. More specifically, even though the tree grows in many different directions, I am specifically interested in earth’s growth and evolution.

K: How long have you been doing this role?

I don't know. Not for too long. I am a little bit new at it. That’s why I am not sure about exactly what I am supposed to be doing. It is something that was assigned to me.

K: Are there more like you?


K: What is their job as keeper?

It’s like we are in school. We take turns, rotation. We are basically taking care of this tree. And making sure that it grows in right direction and it does not grow in a direction that is not beneficial. But then one of our teachers also told us that there is no wrong way that the tree can grow. And if it grows in a direction that we don’t like it, it is because we need to fix within ourselves.

K: This life of tree, what does it do? What is its job?

It is keeping balance. It is balancing time and space. It’s protecting us.

K: Does it do anything to the being, physical being?

It nurtures us as well.

K: Only on the earth or elsewhere?


K: There is only one tree of life or there are many?

There are many.

K: So there are many keepers?

Yeah, but we are dedicated to this tree.

K: Can you tell more about this tree? You said that it has leaves like in pink, what are other characters of this tree?

Well, when I was walking down the stairs I could only see the top of the tree which were the leaves. Then I we started to go down and the light was playing tricks on us, it became quieter and more peaceful, like a place where people can go to meditate and pray, so it's like a chapel, it's like a place for people. It's not just the keepers that come here. Everyone is welcome to come here and people go to see the tree even if they don’t know what it is and where it is. People visit it in their dreams. And sometimes, the roots will touch people on earth or in another dimension and make them feel like they.... If someone feels like there is sense of oneness or connection in the earth, it is because they are being touched by the tree. So, it is like the cord that connects all of us.

K: How do we connect with this tree or some part of this as human beings on earth?

We have to, we have to be able to play, to remember how to play, to not to take ourselves so seriously and to not listen to our egos.

K: You said that it is balancing time and space? Can you tell us how it does that?

Well, it is the cord that connects us all and gives us a sense of oneness. So, the way that it keeps balance is basically, it reaches out to individuals who are vulnerable and receptive and it touches them and it will also reach out to another person, like a weight scale. It is like, opposites attract. If one person exhibits certain qualities like kindness and gentleness and whatever qualities the person has. On the other side it will reach out to someone who does not have those qualities it will basically touches them and it will basically tie them together. If that makes sense.

K: Yes.

It’s like string, an energetic string that reaches out.

K: You said that you are not a very experienced keeper.


K: So, so what you do as compared to other keepers?

Right now, I am just watching the tree. Studying. I am just supposed to stay here by the tree, guard it, sit with it and keep it company.

K: So, the tree knows you?


K: How do you feel about this role of yours?

I am very proud of myself.

K: What else you can tell about this job of yours, this role of yours?

Inside the tree, I told you that there is a door. I haven’t been inside the door yet. Because I am not experienced enough to go in. Inside the door of the tree is chapel. Inexperienced student can sit outside the tree and be with the tree and still receive its blessing. And study and the tree will share its knowledge with it. But inside the tree, its like a school, university, it is like a place for true learning. And secretes that everyone is seeking. The very experienced people can go inside.

K: So, you are still learning. And that’s why you are still outside and you have not gone inside the tree yet.

But will you be going inside?


K: You will. So, can we condense the time and go to the time when you are able to open that door and go inside?


K: So, let drift and float, condense the time and go to the time when you are ready, you are ready to open that door and go inside. Be there now.

I am taller and my skin is purple. So I walk into the door. The door looks like it's too small at first for me to fit because I have grown more and the door was already too small and then I walk into the door and basically, it’s like, I don’t, I lose my body. I don’t have a physical body but now I don’t even have a sense of arms or eyes or anything. It is just like pure light.

K: And this light, does it have a color?

It’s just white.

K: How do you feel inside now?

I feel like I was meant to do this. But tree, every life, the tree is like a telephone wire. Its like a telephone line, like a telephone poles, where, like it gets sent to different places basically. Its like a quick track to going to different places. So I can go to different dimensions or planets to do work there.

K: Okay. Now is your work changed or you do the same watching?

Well, I still do watching.

We are not supposed to interfere with the work that’s going on, on different planets. But we oversee to make sure that nothing bad happens. So we are protectors. The tree is what houses us so that we can protect.

K: You said inside there was a chapel kind of thing, school, university kind of thing for more learning.


K: What do you do now (with that)?

I don’t live in the university or the school. I am more like a person that travels around into the different dimensions and planets.

K: Okay, so you don’t have to learn anything.

Yeah. You can say more like a missionary. I do the work, like school, or chapel. Like missionary. I think that has a bad connotation. But I am the one that goes and overseeing and watching the other places. My role is to watch.

K: You watch and you do anything with that? What do you do with that? If something bad is happening, you fix or something?

I make adjustments. I will take than formation back to school. And then they will send someone else there.

K: So you are getting the information, bring it and then someone else will work on it?


K: What kind of information you collect?

I am interested in like the daily lives of individuals but I am more interested in how they are impacting their environment and their surroundings.

K: So that is the information you get.


K: Anything else that stands out to you from this place?

No, I am very happy with this life.

K: So, lets close that scene and go to another event, another significant time in that life time. And be there now. Tell me what you sense and what’s going on.

I see a bird. It's very strange feathers. It's red, black and white. On the head, it is like a crested, like really long feathers on its head. It's body is red and its kind of woodpecker. It almost looks pre-historic. It's pretty small and it is looking at me. And it's turning its head toward me. We were just having a conversation.

K: What conversation you were having?

It is kind of a gossipy bird. It was telling me about its neighbor. It was just telling me about it's life, it's daily life. But it also watches I just met it for the first time. But I think it is interesting.

K: You are just collecting that information?

I am just collecting that information

K: What you got from that bird?

I think I am on Earth. It is during the time of the dinosaurs. The bird is telling me that how it does not like the dinosaurs. It's not rally clear but the ones that have the long necks eat its nest. I am not really sure I am supposed to do with that information, but I take it any ways.

K: Interesting.

I guess I take people’s complaints even if it is something. I am kind of like human resource department for the tree if that makes sense. So people tell me their complaints and the issues with things, small things that bother them and then I take it and bring it to the school and university and they tweak it and make adjustments or see if they can make adjustments to their complaints.

K: Very interesting. I am wondering. Now, the bird is complaining about the dinosaurs. What kind of adjustment would be suggested? Do you have a sense?

To move. So that the dinosaurs, they are always going to eat out of that tree so the bird just needs to move its nest further into the tree. Sometime it is very simple like that. The bird was too upset to realize that.

K: Anything that stands out to you as a very interesting part of your job?

I get to meet lots of different people. And I get to travel.

K: Do you travel through that antenna (uha) or there is some kind of arrangement(uhu). What is that?

It's like just pure light. Then you walk up into it and then it will take you kind of like.. like how does the telephone line works here. A signal is transmitted to another tower or another telephone like another satellite. It is kind of, like a satellite. I just get transported like from different stations.

K: Anything else that stands out to you?


(The higher self tells that she moved out from that life to the present life.)

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