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Fishy Fish

I hypnotize myself when I want to find details about an important past event in my life.

I first did it in dentist’s office when I was going under some procedure, I wanted to distract myself from. Just started visualizing a beautiful afternoon fresh after rain. Met my aunt in spirit side. She looked very different from how I knew her from the present life when she was alive.

As preparation for The Divine Reveal session (the quantum health modality by Malka Ahern) I was looking to find that place where I had experienced or would experience bliss. I wanted to go in the past event to experience what exactly happened when I felt "alive" in my early 20s. I will write about that event in a separate post some time though.

My plan was to relax myself, then visualize a garden and then regress to the event. So, I set my intention and started relaxing myself as a first step to self-hypnosis. Then I counted from 10 to 1 and instructed myself to go to a beautiful place when I reached the count of 1. I got to 1.

I first become aware of a lotus flower, pink in color, then the light green stalk, plate like dark green leaves on the water surface. Then more leaves, and more flowers sticking out of leaves. It seems like a large water body, like a river with surface filled with lotus, some pink, some dark pink more like purplish, some white, some fully opened and some buds and some even dull, in hay color. Even some big rocks sticking out at some places.

It looked like a beautiful and natural place that I had not seen before. I instructed myself to feel the water.

First thought is that the water is dark in color. No, the water is on black rocks. It is cool. It feels like it is hitting me and where it is hitting, I can see water splashing and clear in color. The water is flowing. It isn't still water. Suddenly I feel the water level increasing. "Am I drowning? Am I going down or the water level is increasing?" The water raises up to my chest level. I am not panicking(!) Next, I am under water and breathing too.

"Hmm. Who am I? Don't know".

I float around and come out and settle on the rock. I get fishy smell. I see myself wearing scales from the chest down. Grey color and shining scales. "Oh. wow. Am I a mermaid? Do mermaids live in river water? I thought they live in the ocean." I wonder.

I jump back in the water. It feels natural in the water. The scales are all over my body. The fins, right at my ears? Wow! my mouth is pink. My eyes, they are so deep and round. There is a thread like something hanging near my mouth.

"Am I a fish?"

"OMG! I am a fish".

I see myself floating around, with other fish and eating something stuck to rocks, even frogs jumping.

I see big group of fish jumping from the river, maybe into the ocean.

It is a beautiful life, I think. I don't want to see its end. So, I close the scene to go to the event I mean to explore.

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